Boston College 2013-14 Year in Review, Part II: Men’s Basketball

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2013-14 Boston College Men’s Basketball: Exit Steve Donahue, Enter Jim Christian

Immediately following the conclusion of the 2013-14 men’s basketball season, fans awaited word on the status of head coach Steve Donahue. About a day after the Eagles were eliminated, they got it.

He was staying.

A massive backlash ensued on social media, prompting the school to eventually state that no decision had been made despite Pete Thamel’s report. Almost a week would pass before a new report came down, and this one was official.

He was leaving.

Donahue’s dismissal would have come as a surprise to nobody at Boston College if not for the week where it appeared Bates wanted to bring him back. Theories abounded as to what might have happened, from the Thamel report being false to Bates changing his mind after the report.

With the job open, Mark Blaudschun and the rest opened the floodgates with names of potential candidates, and on roughly their 72nd collective guess, the beat writers picked the correct flavor du jour: Ohio Bobcats coach Jim Christian.

This, too, was met with backlash.

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