Boston College 2013-14 Year in Review, Part II: Men’s Basketball

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2013-14 Boston College Men’s Basketball: After the Season

Jim Christian was confronted immediately with change. Ryan Anderson and Joe Rahon bolted, while 2015 commit Jeremy Miller reopened his recruitment.

The roster was not the only thing destined to change: all of Donahue’s assistant coaches were let go, to be replaced by competent recruiters in Scott Spinelli, Bill Wuczynski, and Preston Murphy.

They were able to land new 2014 recruit Idrissa Diallo, but lost out on local Jared Terrell to Rhode Island.

As the Eagles end 2013-14 and look to 2014-15, there are a lot of questions. Christian’s association with winning has only been with a MAC program, and never at the ACC level. He has at least surrounded himself with coaches who know the terrain and comprehend the importance of recruiting, but he himself will be the subject of observation. Can a coach who has never turned a program around fix this one? Will he be able to navigate the increasingly difficult ACC, now to feature the likes of Louisville? Can he bring the talent to Chestnut Hill that was sorely lacking?

It may take years to find out.