Boston College Football: Possible 2013 Bowl Destinations

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Military Bowl

Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium | Annapolis, Maryland

The Trip from Boston: Easy to Moderate
Though this game isn’t the most likely in which Boston College can play, it wouldn’t be as much of a trip as the others. You could easily find a quick flight from Boston to BWI, and the car ride is something like six to seven hours.

Plane tickets would be under $200 and a non-stop flight might take an hour and a half. Compared to the others, this would not be much of an ordeal.

The Climate: Cold
Roughly similar to Boston.

The Area and Experience: Good
In Annapolis you have the Naval Academy, but you’re also within an hour of both Baltimore and Washington. You can definitely find some things to do while there, if you stay in the right areas. Baltimore’s inner harbor is awesome and Washington is full of significant sights.

The Game: Fair, Potentially Poor
It’s rare to see anything resembling a big matchup in this game. There’s usually at least one non-AQ team present. Cheapest seats in the house are about $20 at this time.