Boston College Football: Possible 2013 Bowl Destinations

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AdvoCare V100 Bowl

Independence Stadium | Shreveport, Louisiana

The Trip from Boston: Moderate to Difficult
Shreveport is not a big city, so there is no chance of finding a direct flight from Boston. If you’re an alumnus living, say, in Atlanta, you may have a lot better luck. You’d be looking towards at least $400 for a round-trip ticket and be prepared to lay over in the ATL if you’re going from Boston.

This would be about a 24-hour drive from Chestnut Hill and over 1,600 miles.

The Climate: Mild
Average temperature at the tail end of the year in Shreveport is usually in around the upper 50s. Snowfall is generally rare though not completely unheard of, so if the Eagles end up here, don’t get caught unprepared if it’s a bad weather day.

The Area and Experience: Poor
When I think of Shreveport, I don’t think of a happening town. Of all the metro areas in which the Eagles might play, this is by far the smallest. I hear there’s a zoo, and a casino. Other than that, you’re pretty much on your own. Also, the city is more like Nashville in terms of crime rates.

This is on New Year’s Eve, so unless you can somehow get a quick flight out of there, I can’t tell you affirmatively that there will be too many festivities locally for you to enjoy.

The Game: Fair, Potentially Poor
There’s a reasonable chance Boston College would end up playing a Sun Belt or C-USA team. Not exactly a marquee matchup. Cheapest seats in the house right now look like about $37.