Boston College Football: Possible 2013 Bowl Destinations

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Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

With several weeks to kill until Boston College’s thirteenth and final game of the 2013 season, there are only two questions to consider now: where will it be and who will they play?

Indeed, those are kind of important, as fans might want to go and we’ll all have to know which school will constitute the opposition. For right now, with approximately a week until bowl invitations are doled out, there are plenty of options and few answers.

As of now, we can’t evaluate potential opponents because of how ludicrous and time-consuming such an undertaking would be, but we can pick apart particular venues. (This week, the likelihood of each game will also be weighed.) Which would be the most Eagle fan-friendly, which would be the best experience, and which would be the lousiest trips?

The ACC bowl tie-ins are as follows:

Orange Bowl (BC not eligible; Florida State likely to play in BCS Championship)
Chick-fil-A Bowl
Russell Athletic Bowl
Sun Bowl
Belk Bowl
Music City Bowl
AdvoCare V100 Bowl
Military Bowl
Fight Hunger Bowl (only if BYU not bowl-eligible, which they are)

Other possibilities as an at-large team include the Pinstripe Bowl and the Texas Bowl.

The Chick-fil-A Bowl, the erstwhile Peach Bowl, is not on the table for the Eagles as it is typically a more high-profile game. Likewise, the Russell Athletic Bowl is out of the Eagles’ league this time around. From the Sun Bowl on down is more or less in range for Boston College. Now, some would say that the Belk Bowl is not going to happen out of deference to North Carolina, and they are probably right. The others have varying degrees of plausibility which we can weigh another day. All we are doing today is evaluating the more likely destinations themselves.

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