Boston College Football: Possible 2013 Bowl Destinations

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Hyundai Sun Bowl

Sun Bowl Stadium | El Paso, Texas

The Trip from Boston: Moderate to Difficult
There are no nonstop commercial flights from Logan Airport to El Paso International. Any flight would likely come with a connection in Dallas if Boston was the starting point. Such travel would likely cost upwards of $600 for a ticket, which would not be cost-effective for some. From other regions of the country, it might not be so bad.

It’s almost not driveable, as it would be approximately 2,400 miles from Boston, which works out to roughly 35 hours in the car.

The Climate: Mild
Average December-January high temperatures come in at around 55-60 degrees. Last year, it was 48 degrees for this particular game. It will most likely be dry.

The Area and Experience: Fair
El Paso has some museums and there are casinos not too far away if you’re willing to haul up over the state line to New Mexico, but on the other side of the Rio Grande from El Paso is one of the most dangerous cities in the world at present, Juarez. El Paso itself is fine, as overall crime rates are actually below the US average. I wouldn’t think it’s a happening place with a ton to do, but on a short trip you won’t be bored.

It’s noon local time on New Year’s Eve, so you’d probably be spending the big night there. Not ideal, but it’d look better if we won.

The Game: Good
The opponent would probably be a somewhat decent Pac-12 team. Furthermore, there are tickets currently going as cheaply as $21.