2013 Boston College Football: Schedule By Difficulty, 6-1

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2012 Record: 7-6

Boston College’s first road game of the season is at the LA Coliseum with 90,000 opposing fans, against a ranked team. Yeah, piece of cake.

This Trojans team last year was one of the biggest disappointments in college football, and Lane Kiffin is more overrated as a head coach than Nicolas Cage is as an actor. At least, he was before the criticism started raining down on him, and I would imagine he is on the hot seat again this year. They’ve even lost Matt Barkley, but they didn’t have him at the end of last season, anyway.

Nevertheless, this is a tough draw for an Eagles team in the first year of a rebuild.

Give BC a bit of a sentimental boost as Chase Rettig is going home to California, but USC will be heavy favorites.