2013 Boston College Football: Schedule By Difficulty, 6-1

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2012 Record: 12-2

Florida State has done unspeakable things to the Eagles these last few years, outscoring BC 89-14 in their last two meetings. The only good news here is that the (presently) #11 Seminoles have to go to Chestnut Hill, and seemingly half of their Orange Bowl-champion two-deep is now playing in the NFL. That includes quarterback EJ Manuel, who will probably be starting for the Buffalo Bills shortly.

Boston College has been ill-equipped to handle FSU for the last several years now, and seeing as how this is one of those teams that’s leading the way in the ACC, it may be several years yet before BC can compete with them again. Then again, maybe they can this year, if our new coaches have their way.

Despite the fact that many veteran Seminoles have moved on to playing on Sundays, this is still going to be a mammoth task.