2013 Boston College Football Unit Preview: Linebackers

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2013 BC Football Unit Preview: Will Linebacker

The Starter

Steven Daniels, sophomore

Daniels may be proof that good things come to those who wait. BC had to wait an extra year to get this four-star recruit from St. X, and now it would seem he has the inside track to start at WLB. He was not on the two-deep by the end of last season but he did play in ten games, starting one, and he recorded 25 tackles for the year. Daniels can have a big year, and if he does, you’d be left with three very good starting linebackers. If not, then you probably still have two.

The Backup

Mike Strizak, redshirt freshman

Strizak is the only truly new face in the rotation at linebacker this year. A redshirt last year, this Don Bosco product will make his Boston College debut at some point this season. We don’t know much about how he’ll perform in the collegiate game, but even if he’s just adequate, he’ll be of use to the team. Expect to see Strizak getting some snaps.

Off The Two-Deep: All linebacker positions

Connor Galligan, junior

Galligan was a walk-on to the Eagles’ football team who has yet to play in any games. If he does play in 2013, expect it to be on special teams.

Tim Joy, sophomore

Joy did play last season and even cracked the two-deep at one point, but is not there now. As a true freshman, Joy registered 13 tackles in 9 games. One would think he will work his way into some games, especially as different defensive packages warrant, but may not get back onto the two-deep save for injuries.

Bobby Wolford, redshirt freshman | Michael Gaffney, redshirt freshman | Sean Burke, redshirt freshman | AJ Caruso, redshirt freshman

If any of the four redshirt freshmen get into games, it will probably be Wolford, and if Gaffney, Caruso and Burke play, it will likely be on special teams. It is hard to determine at this time what their role on the team might be with a relatively stable, solid group on the two-deep and no injuries to report as of yet. Caruso can also do long snapping if necessary.

Marquis Little, freshman | Jack Cottrell, freshman

Cottrell is cross-listed as a defensive end, so there might be a bit more use for him as a true freshman. Otherwise, he and Little are both probably going to redshirt.