2013 Boston College Football Unit Preview: Receivers

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Last season, Boston College’s receiving corps took a step forward thanks largely to the improvement of the passer and one of its particular wideouts. That passer was Chase Rettig and that receiver was Alex Amidon. If the Eagles are going to go anywhere, however, they’ll need to spread the ball around and get significant contributions from a variety of different pass-catchers. Who might those be?

2013 BC Football Unit Preview: Wide Receiver

The Starters

Alex Amidon, senior

Amidon broke two team records last year for receptions and yardage in a single season as Chase Rettig’s favorite target. He is the go-to guy and we all know it. One thing that must be said, however, is that it might be unfair to Amidon to expect him to have another record-breaking season. The Eagles are probably going to diversify in the passing game a little more, which makes another 75+ catch season unlikely, but he is still positioned to have a strong senior year.

Spiffy Evans, junior

Spiffy is a guy Eagles fans would like to take the next step, and we saw glimpses of it in 2012. Of course, his biggest play of the year was an 82-yard punt return. For now, he is listed as the second starting wideout, and as an upperclassman, much will be expected of him.

The Backups

Dan Crimmins, sophomore | Harrison Jackson, sophomore | Marcus Grant, sophomore

I’m taking all three of these guys together for a very specific purpose: they’re all sophomores, they’re all largely untested, and they’re all going to have to make big contributions. We’re down some veteran receivers and this is a young group. At least one, but preferably all three, must step up this season.

We already know that Alex Amidon is capable of a solid year and that Spiffy can give you the occasional big play, but if none of these guys above are producing, the passing game will suffer immensely. On the other hand, if they all play well, then the Eagles just might be looking better than expected. That, quite simply, makes this trio all wild cards who are absolutely crucial to the depth at this position. They will get their chances to catch the ball, and it’s up to them to make the most of it.

Off The Two-Deep

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Bobby Swigert, senior

Injury concerns have halted what was looking like a promising Eagles career. It remains to be seen what his impact will be in 2013.

Joel Karim Zoungrana, redshirt freshman

Walked on to the team in the spring of 2012 and made some noise, and may even get a few snaps. Zoungrana seems like the kind of guy that can work his way into the mix.

Griff Rogan, junior

Walk-on; has not yet appeared in a game. Unlikely we’ll see much of him in 2013.

Drew Barksdale, freshman

Newcomer to the Eagles from Ohio who will probably redshirt.

Jeffrey Jay, junior

Another walk-on; unlikely that he’ll see game action this year.

Charlie Callinan, freshman

One of two true freshman wide receivers, and another probable redshirt.

Nigel Matthews, redshirt freshman

Another guy who could find his way into the lineup if one of the two-deep players falters. Fairly likely that he’ll at least get snaps.

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