2013 Boston College Football Unit Preview: Receivers

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2013 BC Football Unit Preview: Tight End

The Starter


If one considers the depth chart, one hasn’t been named yet, because it’s an either/or situation. I guess we’ll find out.

The Contenders

Mike Naples, senior

Naples is a senior and yet has had a very quiet Boston College career so far, with having to play behind Chris Pantale being a key factor. To date, he has appeared in 20 games and caught four passes. Last year, in eight games, he caught three of those four. It’s difficult to say what his potential is as an offensive tight end because, frankly, he hasn’t been much of one in his first few years. One thing is clear, however: if Addazio is serious about incorporating the tight end into the offense more, then we just might find out.

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CJ Parsons, junior

Parsons has had an interesting journey to maybe-kinda-sorta starting tight end at Boston College. He started as a defensive lineman at Northeastern, but soon, that school hit the self-destruct button on the football program and Parsons came here. Then, he was switched from defense to offense and appeared in all twelve games last season as a tight end. He had a total of seven receptions.

At present, one might slightly give the edge to Parsons based on performance up to this point and nothing else, but with all due respect, BC is taking a step down here with Pantale gone.

Off The Two-Deep

Jarrett Darmstatter, junior | Jake Sinkovec, senior

They’re both on the two-deep, but not at tight end. They’ll be featured in the upcoming backs article.

Brian Miller, sophomore

Miller was a highly-touted recruit at tight end who can make a big impact here if the others falter. He has been heralded in the past for both his blocking and route-running ability. Expect to see him get snaps.

Joel Rich, freshman

Newcomer to the Eagles; likely to redshirt.

Louie Addazio, sophomore

Coach’s son who must sit out the year under NCAA transfer rules. See you next year.

Mike Giacone, sophomore

Giacone got limited playing time last year but is a guy who can eventually make an impact at this position. He’s the Eagles’ most massive TE at 260 pounds. Expect to see him play, but how much is an entirely different matter.

Carmen Dello Iacono, junior

Walk-on; unlikely to see the field in 2013.