5 Worst Boston College Sports Moments of 2012-13

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The entire 2013 BC baseball season: Birdball loses 40 games for first time in program history

In its history, Boston College baseball has rarely been great. There have been years in which they were good, and more years that would qualify as decent than one may think. Yet, in 2013, they set the bar as low as possible, going 12-40 in a season that was simply awful in every conceivable measure.

The worst team (overall) in the Atlantic Coast Conference by about a dozen games or so, at one point during the season, the Eagles lost 15 games in a row. Boston College started the year 0-20 in ACC play before finishing conference play in a 4-5 stretch.

They were the first ACC team since 2006 Duke to lose 40 games in a single season. One of the worst offensive teams in the nation, their team batting average was only a few shades above .200. Additionally, the team ERA was well over five.