5 Worst Boston College Sports Moments of 2012-13

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

December 30, 2012: Boston College hockey loses to Minnesota, 8-1

It is rare to see Boston College hockey play poorly in a big game, but on New Year’s Eve Eve in Minneapolis, the Eagles got slaughtered. The Golden Gophers beat BC, 8-1, in one of the team’s most lopsided losses in a long time.

Now, Minnesota is a perfectly good team and there would have been no shame in losing to them, particularly on the Gophers’ home ice, but the Eagles weren’t even competitive. Johnny Gaudreau was playing in the World Juniors, but he would not have made a difference in the final outcome of the game.

Seeing BC hockey, then the defending national champions, get so thoroughly outplayed by another top team was an early clue that this was not going to be their year.