Notre Dame at Boston College: 5 Big Questions with Slap the Sign

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Holy War Weekend brings out all of the Superfans’ interest, even if these days, hockey gets more of the attention. There’s still a nationally-televised football game coming up as well, and the eyes of America will be on Alumni Stadium. This week’s 5 Big Questions will be answered by the opposing side: Andrew of Slap the Sign, Fansided’s Notre Dame home base.

5. To outside observers, it seems like Notre Dame keeps miraculously pulling games out of the fire this season. What do you think is behind it? Talent? Luck? Ability to execute at big moments? All or none of the above?

Slap the Sign: Any undefeated team needs a little bit of luck. For example, every undefeated team this season, including Alabama, has had things break their way in order to remain unblemished. Notre Dame has garnered a significant amount of luck this season. But, luck only gets teams so far. Notre Dame’s toughness is driving the turnaround this season. The Fighting Irish are a physically and mentally tough team that outlasts their opponents in the fourth quarter. Brian Kelly’s coaching had instilled this idea in them. It has taken three years to gain full effect but we are now seeing the rewards of his coaching. For example, this is a Notre Dame team that will not quit. They dominated Pitt late in the 4th quarter and in overtime because they were the more physical team. This was also key in the victory against Stanford in which Notre Dame halted Stanford at the goal line in OT.