Boston College at Wake Forest: 5 Big Questions

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2. Has BC’s offense leveled off?

This is actually something one could argue successfully. In the last three games, the Eagles have averaged a little less than 13 points per game and have been sub-300 yards in each (average: 272 ypg). Earlier in the year, even in losses, BC was finding ways to get to 30-ish points in a game, usually as the defense got knocked around. It has been weeks since we’ve seen BC’s offense put up bigger points and move the ball as effectively as they had been in the earlier stages.

There are reasons for this. The run game still hasn’t gotten on track, some of the opposing defenses have been better, and the play-calling has gotten conservative at times. Boston College just isn’t doing what they used to on this side of the football. That’s not to say that it will remain like this, but once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a trend. They will need to snap out of it quickly.