Boston College at Georgia Tech: 5 Big Questions

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2. Is the Boston College offensive line breaking down?

It could be, or it just might be that the quality of opposition is getting better. I would not say that about Army, though: that was inexplicably bad. A much smaller defensive line did far better against the Eagles than expected, and Rettig was no safer against Florida State. He has less time to complete passes, and as such, his completion percentage is notching down (though some of this is also Rettig’s accuracy going off). It’s only 55.7% now.

Georgia Tech is a little below-average at getting sacks (10 on the season), but Army had few before they played Boston College, and look how that turned out. In my opinion, if Rettig is getting chased around in this game as well, I think it would be perfectly fair to label the offensive line as a concern again.