Boston College at Georgia Tech: 5 Big Questions

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1. Is there any hope that the BC run defense will slow down Georgia Tech’s rush-heavy offense?

If you believe that Boston College will play more or less the same as in their first six games, no. Not just no, but absolutely not.

If you believe that Boston College will flip a collective switch and revert back to 2010 levels, then I admire your belief in this team, but I do not share it on this point.

The collapse of this defense has been both shocking and disappointing. Leaving aside the Maine game, which wasn’t even a fair fight, we have five games of evidence to suggest this defense is very, very vulnerable. They literally have not played well in a single FBS game — and I don’t want to hear anything about the Northwestern game, because they gave up 560 yards and couldn’t get off the field.

If you think that’s the kind of thing that can be corrected overnight, then great, but I don’t (not to mention it’s entirely unreasonable). There are serious underlying problems causing this to happen. The run defense getting blown apart has not been a fluke: it’s been a trend.

Georgia Tech runs the same type of offense Army does, which alone should concern you. They know it’s our weakness, and we’re playing right into their hands.