Voices of Disgust: Boston College Fans Want Spaziani Fired



Boston College football is in the toilet yet again, and there is one man chiefly responsible: Frank Spaziani. Sure, there are other factors, but the head coach is a defeatist who can’t coach, in a game or during the week, can’t build a roster, and can’t accept any responsibility.

After Saturday’s most recent loss, a 51-7 drubbing by the Florida State Seminoles, BC fans have taken to Twitter and elsewhere to sound off disapproval of the regime.

And many fans directed their anger at new athletic director Brad Bates, in hopes that he would come to swift judgment on Spaziani’s failed tenure:

Read all the rest of the fan tweets at #firespaz and @BCBradBates mentions.

This fanbase has had enough, and if we’ve had enough, we can only imagine what the players are feeling right now. All of this has gone on long enough. As a fanbase, we are united in our cause of removing Frank Spaziani.