Florida State 51, Boston College 7: Seminoles Embarrass Eagles


It gets worse.

On Saturday evening in Tallahassee, Florida, the Boston College Eagles fell to the #12 Florida State Seminoles, 51-7. It was the first time BC had allowed 50 or more points in a game in 12 years, and it was the most lopsided loss against the Eagles in a very long time. Boston College falls to 1-5 (0-3) on the season and have now lost nine games in a row to ranked opposition.

The scoring plays of this game are irrelevant in this recap. Suffice it to say that each possession for these teams, save a few exceptions, went as follows: BC goes nowhere/gives up by calling draw plays, FSU has guys wide-open all over the field and breezes to points. Florida State was up 28-0 before BC cracked the scoreboard, despite the fact that the Eagles were on the one yard line in the first drive of the game and did not score.

BC’s defense is absolutely terrible, and that’s being kind. In total, they allowed FSU 649 yards and 30 first downs. Keep in mind that Florida State committed nearly 100 yards of penalties and went -1 in turnovers, and still scored 51 points. They also took their starters out of the game with plenty of time to spare. Make no mistake: BC could have easily given up 60 points and over 700 yards today if the Seminoles kept their foot on the gas. The defense wasn’t extraordinarily gassed, either, as BC had a slight edge in time of possession. It was simply a major gap in talent and coaching.

Chase Rettig and the offense had a predictably frustrated day. FSU’s defensive front seven is just too strong, and they let Rettig know they were there by hitting him on almost every other play. Taking him out of the game late was a no-brainer. The Eagles managed only 225 yards in their defeat.

The Army loss last week was bad in a different way than this game. Both were awful defeats, but while Army showed that BC can’t even beat bad teams anymore, this one demonstrated comprehensibly that the Eagles cannot compete with the top teams in their own conference.

These are the depths to which Frank Spaziani has taken us. Once more, this blog loudly and proudly calls for him to be fired immediately, and with cause. Saturday’s game was an embarrassment to my alma mater, and the coach showed again that he is an incompetent failure who is damaging my school every moment he draws a paycheck from it. Anyone still supporting this guy can’t be helped but should still consider professional therapy as an enhancing measure.

On a final note, I had been quiet about this (for the most part) for a few days, but for the first time I can remember, I need to make an example. Several players on the defense the other day were crowing about Florida State not respecting them. One even went so far as to suggest that the Seminoles were not mentally tough enough to bounce back from their loss last week and would fold it up for at least this game. You can see now, if you didn’t already, why these comments were ill-advised.

One must always respect their opponent, even if the opponent doesn’t respect them. If you’re going to say stuff like this, back it up. BC apparently did neither, and this is the result. Projecting quiet confidence is fine, even at 1-4 (now 1-5), but anything more conveys the wrong attitude. The players can’t be saying stuff like this to the media.

This team needs a fresh perspective and a coaching adjustment as their disaster season continues. Brad Bates got a full education today on this team, I assure you.