Boston College at Florida State: 5 Big Questions

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3. When will the Boston College defense rebound?

It might even be prudent to remove the “when” — Will the Boston College defense rebound? So far this season, we have not gotten much of anything to suggest it. We’re going to need to see something out of them soon, or else it’s not coming this year.

Even if the defense has some poor games, usually, one sees some silver lining. I have been following this team since 2004 and I have to be completely honest: I have not seen a Boston College defense play this badly. Even last year, though mostly because of Luke Kuechly, there were little signs here and there that the Eagles defense could eventually improve, but this year, they simply have not been there. The numbers are bad no matter how you slice them, and are probably amongst the worst in a BCS conference at this moment.

Making matters worse is that the Eagles are getting killed in time of possession, now in the bottom quartile of FBS at about 28 minutes on offense. The defense wears out because they cannot get off the field, and the offense only helps them out some of the time (last year it was none of the time, so a definite improvement). It’s a vicious cycle.