Boston College at Florida State: 5 Big Questions

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4. What do Jimbo Fisher and Frank Spaziani have in common as coaches?

Neither one is in particularly good graces right now. It is, however, for completely different reasons. Spaziani inherited a 9-win team that had won consecutive ACC Atlantic titles and now has it losing to the likes of Army. Fisher inherited an elite program that had passed its sell-by date, coming in with the promise of restoring it to greatness. It’s early October and we already know there will be no national championship in Tallahassee this season, and rest assured, that was the ultimate goal of the Seminoles this year.

Fisher is falling out of favor because he’s winning 9 games instead of 12 (or more), while Spaziani has fallen out of favor because he’s winning 4 games instead of 9. Jimbo has perhaps not lost the FSU fans to quite the same degree as Spaziani has, but losing still is not tolerated at his school. The bar to clear is higher than at BC.

The difference is that BC’s fans are ready to run their coach out of town, while the Fire Jimbo movement has not yet reached fever-pitch in northern Florida.