Boston College at Florida State: 5 Big Questions

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Right from the start, this game looked like a difficult one on the 2012 schedule for the Boston College Eagles football team. One way or another, BC fans are going to remember this one. When it comes to this game, you’ve got questions – though probably not the same as the five asked – and we’ve got answers. Away we go:

5. Is Florida State vulnerable after losing to NC State?

Possibly, but a lot of that depends upon the emotional chemistry of the Seminoles right now. Last year, when a bunch of people thought FSU was ready for prime-time, they lost one game and that quickly turned into three in a row. The last two of those were on the road, and the first was to Oklahoma. Through that stretch, FSU’s most questionable loss was Wake Forest, themselves a bowl team. Eventually, the ‘Noles picked it up, but not before obliterating their season and settling for the Champs Sports Bowl.

Using last year as a guide, it’s not impossible to think that now that they’ve lost a game, they might start sulking and play worse. The thing is, their opponents this week have not played a good game yet and we’re five games into the season. Florida State’s armor may be damaged, but is BC the team to take advantage? Stay tuned until the conclusion.