Boston College at Army: 5 Big Questions

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2. Army has one of the worst run defenses in the country. BC has one of the worst run offenses. What will give?

Probably the Army run defense will give way. Boston College’s offensive line may finally be able to find a defensive line they can control down in the trenches.

Army runs this weird “double-eagle flex” defense, so sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly who is on the defensive line or in one of their “hybrid” positions with silly names, but these guys are not very big. Their right defensive tackle is 257 pounds, and he’s by far the biggest one up front. All of BC’s offensive linemen are 300 pounds and up. Army’s line is even small compared to BC’s defensive line, which doesn’t have a player below 260.

If Boston College can’t control the line of scrimmage against Army, then there probably isn’t a team left on the schedule against which they can.