Boston College at Army: 5 Big Questions

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3. What would be the implications of a BC win over Army? A BC loss?

A Boston College win would mean the Eagles took care of business, and that win could be crucial to them getting six. BC cannot give away games like this in which they will be favored. Things have not come easily at all so far, but a win here would show that the Eagles can beat an FBS team, no matter how marginal it may be.

Losing is such a grim proposition that it’s scary. The good news is that it’s unlikely, but consider this: in the case of a disaster at West Point, BC goes to Tallahassee at 1-4, and leaves 1-5. BC would have to go 5-1 the rest of the way to make a bowl game, which would be exceedingly difficult with this defense. If BC beats Army, however, and leaves Tallahassee 2-4, then they’re talking 4-2 to close the year. Still difficult, but a little more doable.