Clemson at Boston College: 5 Big Questions

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Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

There’s a lot to find out about this Boston College/Clemson football game on Saturday, considering how it’s BC’s first game against a ranked team this season. It’s also Parents Weekend and Gene DeFilippo Retirement Weekend, which will add to the atmosphere in the ballpark, if you will. What kind of game will all those Boston College parents and our outgoing athletic director see?

5. Is the point spread in this game too low?

Most likely. As of right now, it has Clemson as a 9-point favorite, and frankly, I’m surprised that it has gone down. A 9-point gap is what happened in the Boston College/Miami game, but that was the only very good performance BC’s offense has had so far. Meanwhile, Clemson is capable of scoring a lot against just about anybody, especially this defense which has struggled and gives up yardage in large chunks. It’s not like their defense is anything to write home about, either, but their offense is quite dangerous.