Clemson at Boston College: 5 Big Questions

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4. At what positions does Boston College have an advantage over Clemson?

Punter. I hate saying this, but it’s true, so congrats to Gerald Levano.

Go down the list and find that BC is either even or at a disadvantage with the Tigers at key positions. The best player on the Eagles has arguably been quarterback Chase Rettig, but as good as he has looked on the field, Clemson’s quarterback, Tajh Boyd, has done more. Boyd also has more weapons, and some of them are quite explosive. The Tigers’ running backs are clearly superior to the Eagles’. BC’s linebackers have been alright, but the gap with Clemson’s doesn’t appear to be very big. If Luke Kuechly were still here, that would have been a clear advantage, but alas. The Eagles’ defensive line and secondary don’t compare favorably with most anyone.

The differences are the most stark on offense, where Clemson is deeper everywhere.