Maine at Boston College: 5 Big Questions

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1. Will the newly-revived Boston College offense come back for an encore on Saturday?

This seems to be the one everybody wants to know. That just can’t be determined at this time, but it is possible. 534 yards of offense isn’t easy to do, and doing that or better is even less easy, no matter who you’re playing. Asking this team to duplicate that sort of effort or one-up it because they’re playing an FCS team is almost a little unfair.

If the Eagles get a comfortable win and amass, say, 400 yards of offense, would that be a bad thing? No, of course not. One would think that based upon the quality of the opponent, BC can have another very productive day offensively, but there are so many variables coming into play that one cannot predict individual or team statistics. What if Doug Martin decides to run a safer gameplan this week, or Chase Rettig plays three quarters and gets to rest for the fourth? What happens if BC is up 34-10 with 15 minutes to go and Spaz decides to go to the football equivalent of the four-corners and run the clock out? All of those things could have a direct impact on this team’s output on Saturday, and we just don’t know specifically what will happen on that front.

What you can take away from this is that BC can have a good day on offense, and whether for better or for worse, it will now be expected.