Miami at Boston College: 5 Big Questions

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It’s a new season, and just about everybody has questions. BC fans have no answers right now, and they won’t until Saturday evening, but we can guess, can’t we? These are the five biggest questions coming into the Miami contest on Saturday (note: “Who will win?” is not to be assessed today or any other Thursday during which this segment runs).

5. What does last year’s game mean for this year’s contest?

I know there are people out there trying to assign value to last year’s game as it relates to this year’s game, but you can’t. It means absolutely nothing.

It’s interesting to note what happened in the final game last season, and I have here, because that’s all we’ve got as a starting point right now. The stat sheets are empty and they will be until Saturday. One can only take the comparative inferences about this game so far, because it has been nine months since BC or Miami have played a real football game and these are not the same teams that met in November.

If you’re in the school of thought which says “BC won at Miami last time and BC is a year older now, therefore they will win at home now,” kindly slap some sense into yourself. The November 25 meeting will not decide the outcome of this game.