Miami at Boston College: 5 Big Questions

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4. Is Stephen Morris going to play a better game than Jacory Harris did on 11/25?

After the game upon which Harris ended his Miami career, a Nachos BellGrande inside a “U” helmet could outshine him on Saturday. He was spectacularly awful, throwing four interceptions to the Eagles, including a pick-six to Luke Kuechly that was the difference.

That bar for Stephen Morris to clear is quite low, so the answer would almost certainly have to be yes. Considering that our pass rush hasn’t existed in years, Kuechly is no longer around, and the secondary has question marks, it’s not a stretch to say that Morris would have a better game, anyway. Their coaches and others are very high on him, and he’ll probably end up doing well for the Hurricanes. I’d be surprised if he didn’t put some dents in the defense here and there.