101 Days of BC Football: Ranking 2012 Schedule By Difficulty, 12-7

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Almost slotted this one down to eighth, but the fact that this is a home game against a program that is in bad shape in general worked against it. Miami has had some scandals, but what’s probably more egregious to their fans is that they’ve had pitiful football. Last year, the Hurricanes went 6-6, playing a lackluster final game of the season against BC after self-imposing a bowl ban. That was the Eagles’ first win in Miami since the Hail Flutie game in 1984.

The ‘Canes come up to Boston this time and are currently an insignificant one-point underdog at the sports books. Just as they did in the first game last season, Miami will start Stephen Morris at quarterback, except it’s now his job for good.

BC will ride into this game with a number of key injuries, including Chris Pantale and Al Louis-Jean at a minimum. Tough to say which way this one will go at this stage, and for the 4th-easiest game, it probably won’t be that easy.