101 Days of BC Football: Ranking 2012 Schedule By Difficulty, 12-7

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The first ACC game to make the list is the only FBS team that Boston College truly beat handily last season. Maryland is not a program that’s in good shape and the fans want Randy Edsall run out of town, but the images of that October 29, 2011 contest haven’t left us. BC went into that game playing some very lousy football but the Eagles beat the living snot out of the Terps. Maryland’s defensive line was like tissue paper as the Eagles rushed for 372 yards.

I would not expect something similar this year, as I would imagine the Terps are at least a little improved and 62 runs in one contest isn’t an ordinary BC gameplan, but the Eagles will be home and they will almost certainly be favored. Furthermore, the Terps have lost their quarterback, CJ Brown, for the whole season and are playing freshman Perry Hills. If BC can’t win this one then I’d imagine we as a group would already know there’s something wrong with this team.