Boston College Basketball 2011-12 Player Evaluations

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Hockey seems to be the focus around Boston College athletics this week, and with good reason, but there are still loose ends regarding basketball which need to tied up. It may be convenient, if not preferable, to toss dirt on the 2011-12 campaign and pretend it never happened, but the development of the young players will be crucial to the success of the program over the next several years, and we must take stock of it. This all begs the question: How did individual players perform this season?

If only it was easy to answer. Inconsistency largely reigned over the course of the year, but sometimes, our Eagles didn’t even look different from game to game — more like half to half. As such, you will see the “inconsistent” theme appear quite a few times; try not to be bothered by it.

Players will be evaluated in numerical order.

Salah Abdo | 0
Graduate student

2011-12 evaluation: INC

Abdo barely touched the court. If you want exact totals, he played eleven minutes for the Eagles this season, took two free throw attempts (missed both), and committed a foul. One would believe his primary role on the team was to be a mentor to the freshmen. Salah, we hardly knew ye.

Gabe Moton | 1

2011-12 evaluation: Needs work

Moton was limited to a bench role this year once again and averaged just shy of 16 minutes per game. His offensive numbers are virtually indistinguishable from his freshman season and any contributions, though not unheard of, were rare.

He did hustle and there were some games where I said “he looks better than last year,” but Moton was largely a non-factor. With the highly-touted Olivier Hanlan coming aboard next season, it is hard to imagine Moton in a more significant role in the future.

Deirunas Visockas | 2
Graduate student

2011-12 evaluation: INC

Visockas played more than Abdo, but still not enough to be able to assign a grade. He played the equivalent of one full game this season — 40 minutes — and managed only three points.

Visockas made his first appearance in the first Miami game and got his most playing time (11 minutes) against ACC champion Florida State. He did little of note, but at least the injury-plagued Lithuanian was able to finish his collegiate career in peace and without incident.

Eddie Odio | 4

2011-12 evaluation: Needs work

Odio appeared in 24 games during the season, including some more significant playing time early in the year, but he never managed to stand out.

His minutes steadily declined towards the end and then he unfortunately became injured, but when he was on the court, he was just “there.” At times, Odio looked rather lost.

It will be interesting to see if he can bulk up in the offseason and contribute off the bench next season. Odio is athletic and that is meant as a compliment, but it needs to translate into results when he’s on the floor.