Boston College Basketball 2011-12 Player Evaluations

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Kyle “KC” Caudill | 5

2011-12 evaluation: Average

Caudill appeared in all but three games during the season and was able to make some limited contributions. He’s very big and has shown some ability, but Caudill is not the most graceful big man to ever take to the hardwood, that much we know. He had more turnovers (25) than made field goals (23) this year, which is of concern, but he’s a freshman.

I see a future for him on this team as a respectable backup center; Dennis Clifford is, and deserves to be, ahead of him on the depth chart right now but there is some potential for improvement.

Jordan Daniels | 10

2011-12 evaluation: Above average

Daniels had some good games running the point for the Eagles this season, especially the upset win over FSU where he dropped 21 points, but he also had some clunkers where he turned it over too many times. It happens.

When Daniels took three-point shots, it reminded me a little of similarly-short Tyrese Rice shooting from long range, and that is certainly a compliment.

He plays with energy and definitely impressed me at times with his ability to get off the ground and quickly take the ball to the rack at his height. I do not know the full story of how Hanlan coming to BC will impact his minutes, except to say that Daniels will get less of them than he did this year. I see a role for him going forward.

Ryan Kilcullen | 11

2011-12 evaluation: INC

Kilcullen played all of nine minutes during the 2011-12 season; his longest outing was three minutes against Holy Cross.

He was firmly planted on the bench for most of the year; it is probably safe to say that he will have a similar role in the future.

Ryan Anderson | 12
STG’s Team MVP

2011-12 evaluation: Very good

No player in a Boston College uniform this season accomplished what Ryan Anderson did. As such, in my opinion, he was the best player on the team.

It started out a little rough for Anderson as he had some pedestrian performances sprinkled in, but soon enough, he started throwing down big numbers in almost every game and led his team. Anderson had seven double-doubles this season and book-ended the year with them.

Anderson is a tough player who can both create offense and rebound. (As a matter of fact, he led the team in both scoring and rebounding.) I said last fall that this would one day he his team to lead, and I feel vindicated. There is every reason to believe that he can be a star in this conference.