Massachusetts at Boston College: 5 big questions

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2.) Will BC finally be able to score some points?

You’d think that they would, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, for the most part since 2009, this team has looked like they’d go three-and-out against a Pop Warner defense.

They’ve played two FCS teams since Frank Spaziani took over as head coach, and hung 54 and 38 points on them, respectively. The offense has been in a steep decline, however, so I honestly would not be surprised if they failed to score 30 on Saturday.

I would likewise be surprised, shocked, and very concerned if they were unable to do much offensively against UMass. Rhode Island put 27 on the board against them and they’re not all that good for an FCS team.

Ask Duke, however, what they think of FCS teams (like Richmond). The offense that lit up BC’s defense last week for 460 total yards was in the low 20s in points in their loss to the Spiders, just as they were in their win against the Eagles. Maybe, just maybe, you’re only as good as how you’re playing, and right now, BC is playing like a team that probably won’t score more than 25 on anybody, including UMass.