Massachusetts at Boston College: 5 big questions

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3.) Who is this guy and what have you done with the real Nate Freese?

Let me begin by saying that I feel terrible for Nate Freese. This guy seemingly couldn’t miss as a freshman, and basically can’t kick it through the uprights as a sophomore so far. Call it a sophomore jinx, bad luck, or a complete negative transformation, the fact is that he is not fully reliable at present.

Here’s the problem with all this: neither is the Boston College offense. Last year, he was called upon his fair share to kick field goals because the pathetic offense couldn’t score touchdowns, but this year, when the offense fails to get it in the end zone, he’s missing about half of his kicks. Ironically, he’s 3/4 from 40+ yards away, but 1/3 from inside 40 yards and has a missed XP.

Obviously he should be given an opportunity to correct himself, but he’s going to need to figure his stuff out, and fast. Boston College still looks like a limp offensive team and they can’t afford to leave any points on the field. The Eagles need him to succeed in the worst way and I don’t think he’s as bad as he’s been kicking to this point.