Off-topic: 2011 ACC Coastal predictions

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5th place: Virginia

Year after year, the Wahoos just can’t seem to punch through. I don’t see any big things for them this year, but finding their way up towards six wins would not be impossible (though I guess where the program has been lately, that would be a big thing).

New coach Mike London came in and shook things up last year, instituting his schemes and working with the talent he was left while getting some new guys who will be sure to help in the future. As for what matters, what he has now, that includes a doable schedule.

Yes, Virginia has to play Florida State, Miami, and Virginia Tech, but their non-conference schedule is not scary. That part of their 2011 campaign includes teams like Idaho, Southern Miss, William & Mary, and Indiana. I don’t suspect the Cavaliers will win all of those games, but there is no reason they can’t perhaps win three. That leaves them with having to cobble together three more wins to become bowl eligible, and that’s where it gets difficult.

Virginia may become better in future years, and I think they will under London, but I don’t think the future has come yet. Two or three ACC wins plus about three wins outside the conference is five or six wins total, getting them to the edge of bowl eligibility.