Off-topic: 2011 ACC Coastal predictions

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4th place: Georgia Tech

The Yellow Jackets are just one of those teams about which I just can’t find the words to say; they’re enigmatic to me. GT, a team which has just had some NCAA sanctions of their own, has a decent coach in Paul Johnson and can boast some previous success, but they didn’t see much of it last season in going 6-7 while losing a bowl game. “Quarterback” Josh Nesbitt (in quotes because he ran for more yards than he passed for, and had more rushing attempts) is gone and Tevin Washington leads the offense.

Georgia Tech, as a team, completed 64 passes ALL YEAR. Meanwhile, as they only passed the ball 168 times, they rushed it 753. That’s as thorough of a one-dimensional offense as I’ve seen, and though they’ve got some new guys in there, until I see some evidence of creativity on offense, I can’t rank them any higher than fourth in their division.