Ranking the 2011 BC football schedule by difficulty, 6th-1st

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2.) vs. Florida State
November 3, 2011 | Week 10 | Chestnut Hill, MA

Boston College will get the spotlight in this game as it’s the national Thursday night broadcast. The Eagles drew a tough opponent, however, in Florida State. The defending Atlantic Division champions got a scare from BC last year in Tallahassee, and though this game is in Massachusetts, it’s going to be quite a difficult game for the Eagles to win. Christian Ponder is gone, but EJ Manuel, once a five-star recruit for the Seminoles, is taking over the reins. I don’t think there will be much lost in that switch, if anything at all. The Eagles are going to have to figure out how to generate a pass rush and get at him or it could be a long evening. It is not an impossible game for BC to win by any stretch, but the Eagles will probably not be favored going in.

I’m sure I will get a little bit of heat for putting this game as the second-most difficult, based on FSU’s current national standing. I do think, however, that with the home crowd and all college football eyes on Alumni Stadium that Thursday night, BC will at least have some proverbial wind at their back.