Perspective: The Boston College Basketball Six-Year Rut

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Boston College basketball has been in the tank for the last five seasons, going on six. While only being half-way through the regular season, it is already a fact that short of an ACC Tournament championship in March, the Eagles will not make the NCAA Tournament.

Six years with no Dance tickets punched on the Heights, and of the previous five campaigns from 2009-10 through 2013-14, four were outright losing seasons. This year is likely to make it five out of six, given that the chances of claiming a winning record in ACC play, or even a .500 mark, are slim to none.

Achieving perspective on how low a period of Boston College basketball surrounds us is not going to be easy. When there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, all one sees is the darkness, literally and figuratively. Yet, there are two questions to consider: how long have other past NCAA Tournament droughts been for this program, and more importantly, has Boston College basketball set themselves on a path to get out of this one?

Boston College Basketball Tourney Droughts
Since NCAA Tournament Expansion in 1975 (32 bids and up)

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Should the Eagles fail to make the Tournament this season, it will officially be the second-longest drought in the modern era.

However, is there reason for hope?

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