Johnny Hockey ™? Ex-Eagle Gaudreau Tries to Trademark Nickname


Former Boston College Eagles hockey star and 2014 Hobey Baker winner Johnny Gaudreau, or should we say Johnny Hockey, is attempting to embrace capitalism.

Gaudreau, who has already accepted it wholeheartedly with his big Calgary Flames paychecks, is now attempting to trademark the nickname “Johnny Hockey” in both the United States and Canada.

There is nothing wrong with what Gaudreau is trying to do ethically, morally, or otherwise, and if you were in his situation, you might try to do the same thing yourself. Just remember who gave you that nickname when you’re protecting it with the force of the law behind you, Johnny.

"“We were concerned that people were going to abuse the Johnny Hockey name, coming out with Johnny Hockey shirts and stuff, and we wanted to make sure that did not occur.”Lewis Gross, Johnny Gaudreau’s agent (to TSN; Calgary Flames rookie Johnny Gaudreau moves to trademark moniker, Scott Mitchell, Calgary Sun)"

Boston College Eagles
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Boston College Eagles

As our blog friends at BC Interruption will tell you, the shirts have already come out (though that can hardly be described as “abuse”). From acceptance of the trademark on, however, it looks like the “Johnny Hockey” nickname will not be for any sort of gain for anyone other than the man himself. Protecting the brand is serious business in this day and age.

When Boston College hockey fans gave Gaudreau the “Johnny Hockey” nickname, it was at right around the time that Johnny Manziel paraded around as “Johnny Football” and won a Heisman. This, of course, was before everybody got tired of him. The American sports fan (or Canadian for that matter) has not yet grown fatigued of Gaudreau, who is a quiet, hard worker.

Gaudreau, er, Johnny Hockey (™) has put together a strong rookie season so far. Through 42 games, he is third on the Flames with 32 points (13-19-32). The only other rookie in the league who has more points than he does is Filip Forsberg of Nashville. That’s some good company, but Forsberg doesn’t have a catchy name to trademark, now does he? Advantage: Johnny.