Signing Day 2015: Boston College Football Roll Call


With the approach of Signing Day 2015 for the Boston College Eagles, who is still on their way to the Heights? Who is already here?

To the best of our knowledge, four of the 24 commits for the Eagles in 2015 are already in the house. Even though the college semester does not begin for another week, the football players are already on campus going through their winter practices. No doubt, they were watching the College Football Playoff last night and itching to get the Eagles there themselves.

So are the guys on this list.

Boston College’s Signing Day 2015 Roll Call

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The above is sortable, but defaults to the date in which these players committed.

The first of those players was Anthony Palazzolo, who committed to the Eagles way back in December 2013. He is not one of the early enrollees, but the second name on the list, offensive lineman Chris Lindstrom, is. Straight out of high school, Lindstrom is one of the four to have enrolled early. (He will get a token article on National Signing Day commemorating his decision in a few weeks, but that call has already been made.)

The next three to commit to Boston College were local guy Lukas Denis out of Everett, Syracuse’s own John Phillips, and another local, Aaron Monteiro from Brockton. Those were the five commits through the end of March 2014; getting towards the summer, Boston College football’s 2015 class swelled rapidly.

In April, the Eagles bagged four more recruits in April 2014: Jordan Gowins, Jake Burt, Ben Glines, and Wyatt Knopfke. All these guys are more remain on board, but none of them were early enrollees.

Boston College took the month off in May when it came to getting commitments. They more than made up for it in June, when ten high school football players added their names to the list, in order: Sharrieff Grice, Elijah Robinson, William Harris, Chase Pankey, Chris Garrison, Mehdi El Attrach, Davon Jones, Jimmy Martin, Tanner Karafa, Ray Smith, Taj-Amir Torres, and Nolan Borgersen. The recruits from El Attrach through Borgersen all committed within a 72-hour window, meaning some busy times for Boston College bloggers in desperate need of summer content.

Boston College Eagles
Boston College Eagles /

Boston College Eagles

Three of the above are now enrolled at Boston College, according to reports: Robinson, a quarterback from New Jersey, Martin, a Florida linebacker, and and Borgersen, a New Jersey wide receiver. Welcome to the Heights to all of them.

As for the rest, in July, the Eagles added Jeff Smith and Wyatt Ray, then, just before the Fourth of July, the tap shut off. Boston College filled out a class of 24 recruits by the first week in July. They got there faster than just about any other power-conference team, but one thing notably absent from the ranks: a kicker, which may change in short order before Signing Day 2015. A future punter might not hurt, either.

Should we expect any surprises on Signing Day 2015? Probably not; if anything, the Eagles might add one or two more under-the-radar kids in the next few weeks to fill specific needs (like, again, kicker). The worst is that they lose someone at the last minute like they did Tre Tarpley not too long ago, but that is a minor and acceptable risk.