CFP Championship: The Boston College Who-Cares-Let’s-Watch-Some-Football Live Post


In just a few hours, the first-ever CFP Championship will take place between the Oregon Ducks out of the Pac-12 and the Ohio State Buckeyes of the Big Ten.

Ducks? Buckeyes? Big Ten? Pac-12? Nike? Er, Nike? As Boston College Eagles fans, officially, we do not care who wins, for what reason, or who can and will claim a small percentage of the credit at about midnight Eastern. At least, I don’t.

However, this happens to be the last Football Bowl Subdivision game of the 2014 season and there is no way we are going to let this pass without unloading our proverbial clip of college football hot takes for all the world to see.

During this CFP Championship, we will have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and this here post. On Twitter, one can only dispense 140 characters of quality analysis, but on Facebook, that character limit is up to about 1900 or so. Yet, on Soaring to Glory, the boundaries do not exist.

If you are a Boston College fan and do not long to be a part of this night — as in, having your team play in the CFP Championship — please, find another set of interests. In spite of that, tonight is a night for us to not have to worry about any of it. Sit back, prepare the adult beverage of your choice, and watch some football.

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CFP Championship: Live Posts

12:02am ET: The game is not over yet in terms of clock, but it’s been over for a while, if you know what I mean. Congrats to THE Ohio State University.

11:43pm ET: Marcus Mariota is not hurt after the hit he took, but his team is in way worse shape than he is. Mark Helfrich, after going big and bold all year, now getting conservative with eight minutes to go. You’re gonna lose at this rate, anyway. Keep your best player out there.

11:33pm ET: Oregon is in the danger zone.

10:54pm ET: Hold onto the freakin ball, will ya?

10:50pm ET: Forget those turnovers and Ohio State is running away with this thing. Now we have a ballgame again.

10:16pm ET: The CFP Championship is at the half and it’s 21-10 Ohio State. It was an eventful half, complete with a ref who looks like Bob Newhart, a receiver whose name reminds us Charles Nelson Reilly, and some touchdowns. We’re a Welcome Back Kotter reference away from going full 70s.

10:06pm ET: It should be 21-13. Just saying, Ducks.

9:54pm ET: Oregon is in a lot of trouble. Ohio State has fumbleitis just like the Ducks do, but they’re also making every other play of consequence in the game. 21-7 Buckeyes and Oregon’s vaunted offense is a no-show against this Ohio State D.

9:36pm ET: Just when Oregon looks like it’s finally getting its mojo back, they get stopped a yard short on fourth and goal. If Ohio State launches another mega touchdown drive, might be a wee bit closer to panic time.

9:19pm ET: Say, Oregon, you might want to catch your wide open passes that hit you in the hands. Boston College fans can sympathize. Oh, and Ohio State marches down the field for the lead.

9:06pm ET: Sources indicate to Soaring to Glory that we got a ballgame, folks. 7-7 late first quarter in the CFP Championship after a big boy drive from Ohio State.

8:45pm ET: Oregon made that look pretty easy. Aside from the fumbling and the inexplicably lengthy reviews, yeah.

8:20pm ET: Des Howard is going with Oregon. Bad sign for the Ducks.

8:05pm ET: Word is, parking is going for up to $150 in Arlington right now. For that kind of money, I would hire a limo to take me to and from the game, and I would have a lot more fun.

6:50pm ET: The College Football Playoff is coming up fast. We went with Oregon in our pick.