2014 Boston College Football Offense: Stats and Grades

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Nov 1, 2014; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Boston College Eagles running back Marcus Outlow (7) runs as Virginia Tech Hokies cornerback Kendall Fuller (11) defends in the fourth quarter at Lane Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

2014 Boston College Football Offense: Final Grade

FINAL GRADE . B. The average of all the grades put together is a B, which feels appropriate for this team. <p>Despite the fact that their actual effectiveness was mixed, they did enough in most games to keep themselves in it, and they happened to be elite in two areas: the run game and offensive line play.</p> <p>When you have that going on for you, things are going to look up, but it is also worth noting that while their run game was legitimately one of the best in the nation, their passing game was much the opposite. There is only so much it can be penalized for being ignored most of the game, but brutal drop after brutal drop almost got this unit a D before some residual Christmas spirit kicked in.</p> <p>Boston College was nowhere near as bad on offense as they had been during the Spaziani years, but above all they were inconsistent. The same offense that had their way with USC went to the proverbial panic room two weeks later against Colorado State, and looked flat against Pitt a week prior.</p> <p>Even from half to half, Boston College showed signs of inconsistency. To wit, the difference between the first and second halves against UMass, Maine, and Wake Forest stand out. Sure, we could end up seeing the explosive Boston College run game from start to finish, but typically, we did not. Some of that may be coaching, some may be the players, and some of that may be other factors, but regardless of who is responsible, it happened, and the team’s bottom line took a hit.</p> <p>Perhaps some day this will not be an issue, but considering where we were just two seasons ago, the offense getting a B is more than acceptable.</p> <p>For now.</p>. All offense. Boston College Eagles