January 4 College Bowl Picks: GoDaddy Bowl


We’re now down to our second-to-last college football game of the season, with the last coming in the grand finale next week at Jerry World. The January 4 college bowl picks only involve one game, the 2015 GoDaddy Bowl.

Watching more college football games will help us forget what happened at Yankee Stadium; at least, I hope it will.

January 4 College Bowl Picks: GoDaddy Bowl

Toledo (-4) vs. Arkansas State | Mobile, AL | 9pm ET (ESPN)

This is how the minor bowl games end — with MACtion meeting the Fun Belt.

In true MACtion form, 8-4 Toledo rocketed their way to a bowl game while riding their solid offense, at the expense of their defense. The Rockets score about 34 per game and give up 29, though if one looks at their schedule this season, they did not have any of those 54-51 type games that made watching the MAC on Wednesday nights so interesting.

When Toledo scored 40 or 50 points, they usually beat up the other team. When they gave up that many, the other team usually socked them.

Boston College Eagles
Boston College Eagles /

Boston College Eagles

That might be no fun, but surely Arkansas State has something to offer. Like Toledo, their offense rolls and their defense rolls over. The Red Wolves score 36 points per game, though New Mexico State giving up 68 to them in the final game raised their average nicely. In most major statistical categories, the two teams are mirror images.

In fact, the quarterbacks — Logan Woodside of Toledo and Fredi Knighten of Arkansas State — both threw the same number of touchdowns and interceptions with 19 and 7, respectively.

When picking the GoDaddy Bowl, we are going to need something on which to grab, since on the surface it does not look like there is a dime’s worth of difference between the two teams.

Toledo looks like it played the slightly more difficult schedule and did a tiny bit better in 2014. That will inform our choice. It’s not much, but it’s better than flipping a coin.

Pick: Toledo