Happy New Year 2015 from Soaring to Glory


2015 has finally arrived, and our staff would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year.

For those who are familiar with Back to the Future, Part II, there are several things to which we can look forward in this coming year. They include:

• Flying cars (finally)
• The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series (make your peace with the Lord now; the end times are coming)
• Fusion reactors on personal vehicles and/or time machines
• Hoverboards
• Interactive computer programs featuring Michael Jackson (South Park already achieved this)

Boston College Eagles
Boston College Eagles /

Boston College Eagles

When it comes to Boston College, we only have some vague ideas of what might be to come, but many more questions. Will football be able to reload again with a new quarterback and offensive line? Can the Boston College men’s basketball team keep from getting railroaded in ACC play? Will the men’s hockey team recover in time to make the tournament? Finally, will the women’s hockey team claim their first national championship?

All these questions and many more will be answered over the next 365 days; some of them much sooner than others.

May it be a prosperous and happy new year for you and your family, and the most successful year we have had yet at Boston College. Shortly, Soaring to Glory will celebrate its sixth birthday, and having seen both ups and downs in that time, our hope is that 2015 will be a year of only good things for this program and its fans.