Boston College Pinstripe Bowl Reactions: Team, Media, and Fans


After the most brutal loss of the season, one can imagine that the Pinstripe Bowl reactions from Boston College ran a range of negative emotions.

The Colorado State game was the previous leader in the clubhouse for “worst loss of the year,” but the Pinstripe Bowl snatched the dishonor at the last possible moment. BC lost the Rams game after giving up a touchdown on 4th & 12 in the final minute; they lost a bowl game after blowing a 14-point lead in part because their kicker missed an elementary boot.

What are we supposed to do, throw a party?

This was about as bad as it gets, and to round up some of the Boston College-specific Pinstripe Bowl reactions, we turn as always to Storify.

Pinstripe Bowl Reactions


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Our Reactions to the Pinstripe Bowl Reactions

• There was much more saltiness here than what we displayed; much of it in the moments immediately after the conclusion of the game. Anybody who was there and surrounded by the Penn State folk probably felt it ten times worse than those watching at home. The atmosphere was fun but the outcome was absolutely brutal.

Boston College Eagles
Boston College Eagles /

Boston College Eagles

• Mike Knoll is not solely to blame. He can’t be. Should have make that extra point? Yes, and it was not his first miss, either. With that said, the game should never have gone to overtime in the first place.

The defense blew a 14-point lead to a team that averaged less than 20 per contest. 453 yards to Penn State, a team that struggled all season on offense, is unacceptable. Furthermore, the Eagles killed a number of their own drives on offense with bad passes and unnecessary penalties.

The kicking situation must definitely be reevaluated in the offseason, but to just blame Knoll for the loss lacks a big-picture view. Blame should be distributed to a number of different people and units.

• Where does Boston College go now? The future is unclear with Tyler Murphy and the whole offensive line gone. This is what we’re left to consider until the summer.