Merry Christmas from Soaring to Glory


Merry Christmas wishes to the Soaring to Glory readership, as well as all of the following people and/or entities listed forthwith:

• Members of the Boston College community, a group of which I have been part for almost eleven years;

• Members of the Atlantic Coast Conference community; a group with we all joined in 2005 (while some still long for the days of the late Big East or playing Holy Cross — Merry Christmas to what’s left of our former conference and the Crusaders as well);

• The Boston College and ACC Twitter groupies with whom I have spent the last five years laughing, learning, venting, celebrating, and being a fan;

and • The people in my own personal life who deserve such greetings.

Boston College Eagles
Boston College Eagles /

Boston College Eagles

May all of you get the chance to enjoy time with your families, get all of the gifts from the Boston College bookstore you requested, and have a happy and prosperous New Year. This is my sixth Christmas sharing these greetings with the public, and until Eagles sports drive me to my inevitable nervous breakdown, my staff and I hope to share many more with you.

Oh, and don’t forget to be at Yankee Stadium by 4:30pm sharp on Saturday. Your aforementioned families will understand. If they do not, please direct them to soaringtoglory dot com and make them.

We are not taking the day off here, as our bowl game is just two days away. Hey, you know what, if you get bored hanging out at Grandma’s house, pop our your phone and check Soaring to Glory out on the FanSided app, available through Apple and the Google Play store.

Merry Christmas once again, and as always, let’s go Eagles. (clap clap clapclapclap)