Boston College’s Pinstripe Bowl Team Events


One of the most appealing things about Boston College’s postseason game, compared to other minor bowls, is that the Pinstripe Bowl team events feature a number of fun activities in the greatest city in the world.

Few cities anywhere can match the sights and the sounds of New York City, and our Boston College Eagles get to spend their collective Christmas there. The Eagles just arrived in New York last night for a four-day adventure and are staying in a hotel about five blocks from Times Square.

Part of the allure for schools accepting invitations to bowl games is that they can not only get a payout, but that the team can bond in the days prior with some unforgettable experiences. The pregame festivities for this particular game involve a great many activities that bring through the essence of New York.

All of the below events are according to the preliminary schedule furnished by the Football Bowl Association prior to the end of the regular season.

Pinstripe Bowl: Boston College Team Events, Dec. 24

• This morning, the “significant others” tour will take them on a tour of the studios for the CBS Early Show.

• Traveling parties will then visit the 9/11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan later this morning; Penn State did this yesterday.

• If they do not do the tour of the Top of the Rock in Midtown, the team will do some more touring of the city, attend a welcome reception at Yankee Stadium, and, of course, practice. It is clearly important that they do the latter, but it is just as crucial that the players and coaches take it all in and enjoy what they have earned.

Pinstripe Bowl: Boston College Team Events, Dec. 25

• On Christmas Day, the Eagles can take their optional trip to the 9/11 Memorial in the morning, in addition to practicing some more and spending time with their maroon and gold brothers.

Boston College Eagles
Boston College Eagles /

Boston College Eagles

• The Eagles are also scheduled to attend the Radio City Christmas Spectacular on Christmas evening.

Pinstripe Bowl: Boston College Team Events, Dec. 26

• On the day before the bowl, Pinstripe Bowl representatives and/or the coaches will ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

• Later that morning, the Eagles will take part in a worthwhile cause listed as a “clinic for Bronx youth.”

• The team will have its walkthrough on Friday as the schedule gets even fuller. It includes a press conference from Steve Addazio, a mandatory NCAA meeting (lucky them), an Empire State Building lighting, a trip to the Trump Rink for some ice skating, and a cocktail party at NYY Steak (the players probably are not going to the last one, but I would like to be invited by someone who is).