Boston College Christmas: The Naughty List


On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus pulls out two lists: the Nice List and the Naughty List.

Boston College Eagles
Boston College Eagles /

Boston College Eagles

The former is showered with gifts on Christmas morning, like autographed Jerry York memorabilia and a tailgate spot by Robsham, while those on the Naughty List get lumps of coal and William Shatner’s Greatest Hits CDs. That Saint Nick is a vengeful one when he deems you unworthy.

It may be somewhat impolitic a question to ask, but were there any elements of Boston College sports this year that deserved a spot on Santa’s Naughty List? Who crossed our paths in 2014 that deserve a spot?

The Boston College Naughty List 2014

1. Colorado State football. You guys already got your gift from the Eagles in September; the last thing we need is for Santa to bring you more. By the way, tough break in the Las Vegas Bowl. My electron-sized violin plays for thee.

2. Anyone associated with the Steve Donahue era. Coach Donahue is a good man and the kids he recruited for the basketball program are all class, but yeah, worst three-year stretch in Eagles history. I am glad many of them landed on their feet elsewhere, but we won’t be lavishing anyone with gifts or shedding tears over that bygone era.

3. Boston University. The whole school, just because.

4. The concept of extra points. Some would say that just because Boston College is incapable of making points after touchdown that we should not include it on the list. In the interests of protecting our Eagles players, I disagree. Let’s point the finger.

5. Ryan Sloan, Syracuse football. Sloan was a bad boy in the regular season finale against the Orange a few weeks ago. He came off the bench and entered into a melee with some Eagles, getting himself ejected in the process.

6. Matthew Thomas, Florida State football. And this guy was even worse. There are a lot of targeting calls we see during college football seasons that look questionable, but not this one. The helmet-to-helmet hit he put on Josh Bordner was about as clear a “target” as you will see. For this dirty hit, Thomas got his just reward with an ejection.