2014 Boston College Sports Christmas Wish List


We’re bringing back our Boston College Christmas week series, and what better way to start than with our Christmas wish list for this program?

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It turns out that every year is an eventful one in Boston College sports, even if some on the inside or outside do not choose to acknowledge as such. Even after all this, there is nothing wrong with still being left wanting.

The old adage says to be happy with what you have, but that’s not really what putting together a Christmas wish list is about, now is it?

What are some things Boston College fans might want under their proverbial tree this year?

The Christmas Wish List

1. A Pinstripe Bowl win. This one goes without saying, and yet, we said it. Boston College has not won a bowl game in seven years, which is quite something considering that in the recent past they won eight bowls in eight years. If this football program truly wants to take the next step towards being “back,” just beat Penn State next week.

2. A second-half surge by the hockey team. This is one we rarely have to ask Santa Claus to bring us, because we get it anyway. Yet, in 2014, if they do not have this, their season will end with the ignominy of not qualifying for the postseason. All we ask is a nice, solid run from January through early April, with the comeback starting just after Christmas and running through the Beanpot, Hockey East, and NCAA Tournaments.

3. A half-way respectable basketball team that we can learn to like again. Some steps have already been taken in this regard, but if there is one thing I personally miss in Boston College sports, it is being able to invest myself fully in the hoops team. When this sport gets fun, it gets very fun, and it sucks not having the Eagles in the thick of it annually.

While I am not going to ask Santa for a bigger, more unrealistic gift (this team making the postseason), I will settle this year for a Boston College hoops team that is having fun and trying their best.

4. An end to the football coaching rumors. Seriously, who isn’t tired of media pieces linking Steve Addazio to this place and that place? Let these other schools hire some other guys and be done with it.

5. A free premium football tailgating spot somewhere on the main campus in 2015. Please, Santa? I’ve been good. Well, mostly. I mean, somewhat. Okay, not really, but still.